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Roy Moore speaks out amid sex allegations: 'Obviously I’ve made a few people mad' 

Trump announces ex-Big Pharma exec Alex Azar as Tom Price's replacement at Health and Human Services

Obamacare enrollment breaks record in 1st week

Democratic wins in Virginia could mean trouble for 2018, say Republicans

Obama, Democrats push open enrollment period

Confusion abounds as Obamacare open enrollment period approaches

Bipartisan health care plan would reduce deficit, CBO says

Bipartisan health bill offers hope for compromise but faces hurdles

Trump draws ire after falsely claiming 'most' past presidents didn't call families of fallen troops

Key moments from President Trump's wide-ranging press conference with Mitch McConnell

President Trump aims to strike down parts of Obamacare with new executive order

Trump administration rolling back mandate to cover birth control

Program that provides low-cost health care to 9M children set to expire

Trump says he may sign executive order allowing interstate purchase of health insurance

What's next for health care in the Senate

Trump's tweets about NFL, Puerto Rico debt draw ire as island crippled by Hurricane Maria

McCain says he opposes Graham-Cassidy bill as other Republicans weigh options

Doctors, insurance companies and patient groups slam Graham-Cassidy

Blue states would lose the most funding under Republican health plan

Fact check: Sen. Bill Cassidy on his health care bill assertions

With the clock ticking, Senate plans to vote on new Obamacare repeal bill next week

Obama on Republican health care repeal-and-replace efforts: 'It is aggravating' 

How the Graham-Cassidy bill compares with past Republican health care repeal efforts

Inside Graham-Cassidy, the last minute push by Senate Republicans to resuscitate Obamacare repeal

Republicans make last-minute pitch for Obamacare repeal plan

Trump presides over his 1st 9/11 ceremony for '2,977 innocent souls' as president

GOP leaders are trying to block Trump's populist agenda, Steve Bannon says

President Trump calls Hurricane Irma 'some big monster' 

Hillary Clinton admits her 'most important' blunder that swayed the 2016 presidential election

President Trump, Cabinet gathered for updates as Hurricane Irma neared Florida

Lawmakers search for bipartisan fix to Obamacare insurance markets

Dreamers head back to school facing fears about DACA's future

President Trump and first lady meet with Harvey evacuees and volunteers in Houston

Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Google execs among business leaders asking Trump to preserve DACA

Trump administration plans on making 90 percent cut to Obamacare ad budget

Govs. Kasich, Hickenlooper propose bipartisan plan for health care changes

Hurricane Harvey: Houston-area hospitals preparing to evacuate patients

Hurricane Harvey: Photo of Texas nursing home residents in waist-deep water prompts rescue

Mattis tells troops to 'hold the line' until US is less divided

Trump notes decline in drug prosecution, suggests preventative measures as he receives opioid briefing

West Virginia governor announces he's switching parties at Trump rally

Trump claims he won New Hampshire because it’s a ‘drug-infested den’ 

White House opioid commission asks Trump to declare 'national emergency' to combat overdoses

Some Trump aides push to move Sessions from attorney general to Homeland Security

Trump says new aircraft carrier ensures that 'if a fight does come ... we will win' 

Secret Service likely wouldn't have intervened in Trump Jr.-Russia meeting

Caitlyn Jenner latest celebrity to consider running for office

Trump campaign paid Donald Trump Jr.'s lawyer weeks before Russian meeting was revealed 

VP Mike Pence on health care: ‘We're on the verge of a historic accomplishment’ 

Russian lawyer obtained Hill hearing seat from former Florida Trump campaign chair's husband

Betsy DeVos' meetings with 'men's rights' groups over campus sex assault policies spark controversy

Trump tweets video of him attacking CNN logo

President Trump goes after the media at event honoring veterans

Trump questions why some states won't comply with 'voter fraud panel' requests

Who are the highest paid staffers at the White House? 

A timeline of Trump's immigration executive order and legal challenges

Police identify 3 Virginia officers who took fire responding to the congressional shooting

President Trump's campaign rally for June 1 in Iowa is postponed

The top awkward body language moments from Trump's first trip abroad

Clinton delivers stinging critique of Trump in Wellesley College commencement address

White House adviser clarifies Trump criticism of Germany

Trump blasts NATO allies for not paying fair share

Barack Obama: 'We can't hide behind a wall' 

Trump calls on Middle Eastern nations to 'drive out' extremists in 1st major speech abroad

Everything you need to know about Chelsea Manning

How President Trump's 'rnergy independence' executive order will affect the Clean Power Plan

President Trump signs executive order rescinding Obama’s clean energy plans

Tax reform the next big ticket item on Trump's legislative agenda

Alex Jones apologizes for propagating 'Pizzagate' conspiracy theory

Republican Congressman Duncan Hunter under investigation for potential campaign finance violations

Marine commandant calls harassment allegations 'embarrassing' to the Corps

Chaffetz suggests Americans may need to choose between iPhone and health care

House Republicans unveil Obamacare replacement plan

Ben Carson says 'other immigrants' arrived on slave ships, dreamed of 'happiness in this land' for future generations

Joe Biden defends media, courts from 'dangerous' attacks

Who President Trump invited to his first joint address to Congress

President George W. Bush says it's important to have a free press: 'Power can be very addictive' 

Corey Lewandowski says he knows of no one in Trump campaign who 'ever had a contact' with Russia

White House says only 'logistics,' not classified info, discussed at Mar-a-Lago dinner

Trump adviser doubles down on claims of voter fraud and of 'thousands' of voters bused into New Hampshire

GOP reps face town hall protests over Obamacare repeal efforts

Trump: 'Good Chemistry' With Japan’s Leader, 'Getting Along Very Well' With China

Judges Focus on Whether Trump's Immigration Order Is Muslim Ban

Dept. of Justice Cites 'National Security' in Calling for Trump Immigration Order Reinstatement

Trump's Comparing US to Putin's Russia Draws Bipartisan Backlash

Chelsea Clinton and Trump Counselor Kellyanne Conway Face Off on Twitter

High Drama on Capitol Hill in Trump Nominee Hearings

Timeline of Turmoil: The Rollout of Trump's Immigration Order

Obama Says He 'Fundamentally Disagrees' With Discrimination Based on Religion

Iraq War Vet Congressman: Americans See That Trump's Order Is Really 'a Muslim Ban' 

Vice President Mike Pence Tells March for Life: 'Life Is Winning Again in America' 

Badlands National Park Climate Change Tweets Deleted

Ryan Invites Trump to Address Joint Session of Congress

President Trump Keeps Promise, Signs Executive Order Targeting 'Obamacare' 

Obama Family Farewell Includes a Final Missive to Donald Trump

Obamas Offer Goodbye Message as They Leave the White House

Everything You Need to Know About the Women's March

President Obama Commutes Sentences for 330 People

Trump Names New York Jets Owner Woody Johnson as Ambassador to the UK 

Trump Photograph Installed at the National Portrait Gallery

President Obama Surprises Vice President Biden With Presidential Medal of Freedom

How a Single Senate Republican Could Tank Rex Tillerson's Nomination

Tillerson Calls Climate Change a 'Risk,' Breaks With Trump on Paris Agreement

Marco Rubio Mum on Whether He Will Support Tillerson for Secretary of State After Human Rights Questions

Sen. Franken Accuses Sen. Sessions of Misrepresenting His Record on Civil Rights

Trump Inauguration Will Have 'Soft Sensuality' of DC, Says Committee Chairman

Top Democrat Would Support Challenge to Electoral Vote Certification

Evangelical Leader Tony Perkins Blasts Rex Tillerson as Trump's Pick for Secretary of State

Trump Team Pushes Back on Reports Russian Hackers Sought to Sway Election

Poll: Americans Skeptical Over Key Trump Agenda Items, Disapprove of Trump's Handling of Transition

Kellyanne Conway: Working Moms 'Still Have to Make Choices, and There Are Limits' 

A Look at Fidel Castro's Controversial Legacy in Cuba

2nd Presidential Debate: 11 Moments That Mattered

A Look Back at How Hurricanes Affect Presidential Elections

Former Speaker Gingrich to Donald Trump: Don't Go There on Bill Clinton and Women

Trump is a Turnoff to Some College Republican Groups

National Zoo's Giant Baby Panda 'Bei Bei' Plays in the Water

Blooming Corpse Flower Stinks Up DC to the Delight of Tourists

Trump Is First GOP Nominee to Mention LGBTQ Citizens in Acceptance Speech 

Donald Trump Jr. Delivers Recycled Speech Line at RNC

Melania Trump Absent for Running Mate Announcement

What to Know About the Washington Lawyer Vetting Trump’s Potential VPs

Caitlyn Jenner to Appear in Cleveland During the Republican National Convention

President Obama Accused of Contributing to Hostility Against Police

What Clinton's Nomination Means for Women's Groups

Hillary Clinton: Becoming Presumptive Democratic Nominee Will 'Send a Signal Around the World' 

Paul Ryan, Republicans, and the Art of the Non-Endorsement Endorsement

Sizable Chunk of WV Democrats Plan to Vote for Donald Trump

Out-of-Work Coal Miner Who Confronted Hillary Clinton Hints at Why His Vote Matters

How GOP Leaders Are Coming to Terms With Donald Trump

Tracking Appalachia's Swing From Hillary Clinton to Donald Trump Country

In West Virginia, Hillary Clinton Says She's 'Sorry' About Reaction to Coal Comments

Obama Drops Mic and 9 Other Highlights From the White House Correspondents' Dinner

Donald Trump's Rivals Blame Him for Creating 'Toxic Environment' at Campaign Events 

Meet Joe Weishaar, the 25-Year-Old Designer of the Future World War I Memorial

Donald Trump Still Dismayed With RNC Despite South Carolina Primary Win

Three Americans Kidnapped in Baghdad Freed

Sanders Says Projected New Hampshire Win Sends 'A Profound Message' 

Bernie Sanders Projected to Win New Hampshire Democratic Primary

Air Traffic Controllers Texting, Using Snapchat While on the Job, Documents Show

Donald Trump’s New Hampshire BFF Scott Brown Takes 10 Questions

Rand Paul Suspends 2016 Presidential Campaign

Marco Rubio Says He Beat Expectations In Iowa Caucuses

Ted Cruz Projected to Win Iowa GOP Caucuses, Trump Second

Iowa Caucuses Draw Celebrities to the Campaign Trail

Donald Trump Admits Being a 'Little Bit Nervous' About Today's Iowa Caucuses

Counting the Degrees of Separation From GOP Front-Runner Donald Trump to Taylor Swift

What Donald Trump May Lose Out on by Skipping Fox News Debate

Teen Mom Photos Cause Controversy at High School

How Bernie Sanders Got the Biggest Twitter Bump From the GOP Debate

Fifth Republican Presidential Debate: 7 Moments That Mattered

7 Moments That Mattered at the 5th Republican Undercard Presidential Debate

How National Security Could Dominate the Last GOP Presidential Debate of 2015

Another World Heritage Site at Risk as ISIS Takes Over Sabratha, Libya

Department of Justice Will Go After Anti-Muslim Hate Speech

President Obama Offers the 'APEC Hottie' Words of Wisdom

President Obama Rejects Keystone XL Pipeline Proposal

Why Rep. Jason Chaffetz Thinks He Is the Fresh Face Congress Needs

Yayo Grassi, Gay Man and Pope's Former Student, Opens Up About Meeting with Francis in DC

The 5 Fiercest Rivalries of the 2016 Presidential Campaign

Pope Francis Met With Openly Gay Couple During U.S. Visit

2016 Presidential Candidates Get Creative - and Desperate - in Last-Minute Fundraising Pitches

Why 'John John' Boehner’s Capitol Hill Breakfast Buddies Will Miss Him

Why Pope Francis' Canonization of Junipero Serra Is So Controversial

Republican Presidential Debate: The Best Zingers From The Second Republican Debate

Ahmed Mohamed, Texas Teen Arrested for Clock, Becomes Issue At GOP Debate